Friday, May 4, 2012

Spontaneous Mommas

Need motivation to get into a coldish May pool for the first time of the year?

Spend a couple hours at a sunny park on a 90 degree spring day. Oh, and walk there and back pushing a weighted-down-toddler-toting double stroller.

That's all it took for me.

While at the park, the boys found a muddy hole to play in.

Charlie stripped his own shorts and diaper off. 

The other kiddos found a cleaner puddle to stomp in.

Then, Us Moms got spontaneous and earned cool points when we hosed them down.

After the hot hilly walk home, I was sweatyyy.  So, we hurried inside and dug into our swim drawers and put on last year's swim gear. Found new sunscreen I had bought on clearance at the end of last summer! I was so pumped (and surprised) I found it, instead of forgetting and buying more :) And then we eased down the stairs into the pool. I was very happily surprised that it wasn't unbearably cold.

I expect that Annette will remember from last summer how to swim in the next month or so. Well, that's me just 'hoping' more likely. And maybe even Charlie will figure out the real swimming deal by the end of the summer? Annette was just 2.5 when she figured it out.

As of now, the floaties make my job a lot easier.

I can already tell this summer is going to be so so so nice for keeping my kids entertained. Watching these two play in and by the pool together is won. der. ful. As they say, siblings are fabulous built in playmates.

Wonderful Summer, I mean Spring, day.

There is nothing like coming inside from a good dose of sunshine and smelling like sunscreen :)

Happy FRIDAY!!

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