Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dance pics, Reading Words, and Other Randoms

Our past week.....

Ballet pictures.
Annette's recital is next Thursday : ))

I tried the cheese zucchini roll ups from Pinterest. Pretty good, but wish I had added some more seasoning to the them before grilling them.
Might be fun to try other types of cheese, too. 

Annette has figured out how to sound out (and blend) simple CVC words. (rat, pig, etc.)

She has known all the letter sounds for over a year, but has just figured out how to use that info to blend three sounds together to make a word. Her phonemic awareness skills are coming right along ; )
She can match the CVC words to their corresponding picture. I just hand-made this activity. I used some pictures from coloring books, and then drew the other ones. The pocket chart deal is from when I taught school. You can find them at Knowledge Tree and Mardel. The desktop kind, like this one, are easier to use at home in my opinion. And Annette likes playing 'school' with the thing. 

As long as she still thinks that learning reading skills is fun, I'll keep introducing her to stuff. But, I'd much rather her associate reading with fun and excitement than try to push more reading skills at this early age.

SO FUN teaching her.

Here we are at last night's Razorback game at Dickey Stephen's Park with some friends.

And this is our Ice Cream Truck Money Jar. Somehow it traveled safely on the back of my car all the way down busy University.  What luck?!?

Hoping for more luck as we head to Vegas tomorrow morning!!!
Not that I care a bit about gambling. I'll be spending my time reading 3 new books and a pile of magazines as I soak up the sun... After I sleep in and enjoy H&M and Zara and eating at fun restaurants with my hubs. 

Thank you, grandparents, for taking over kid duty while we get away for the next 6 nights :)
We are excited!

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