Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tulsa Overnight

We woke up bright and early yesterday to head to Tulsa. Isaac needed to see some commercial real estate up there, so we tagged along for the ride. 

We let the kids take turns paying the toll. Charlie missed the bucket a time or two, 
but it was still a highlight of the trip to the kids.

Annette said, "I like this new land" when we asked her if she liked Oklahoma : )

We ate lunch at a restaurant on the Riverwalk and then went to the nearby Oklahoma Aquarium.

Charlie was ready to jump in with the sting rays. 

Annette was afraid to touch them. Like her momma.

This is what I had been most excited about. The sharks were being fed while we were there!!!
 Oh, how I love a field trip:)

There were about 15 sharks for us to watch. I am quite afraid of sharks, but I I loved, loved observing them through 5 inches of plexiglass. 

Annette touched and held a starfish. 

I got to show Annette what a fossil looks like. 
An important vocabulary word when she enters first grade Science in a few years :)

After the aquarium, we went to Utica Square to walk around and eat dinner.

Annette did not want to leave this doll section at PB kids. To say that she enjoys playing with dolls is a major understatement. I could foresee leaving being an issue, so I set my phone timer for 5 minutes when I told her it was about time to leave. However, when the timer went off she screamed and threw a fit because she didn't want to leave. I had to carry her out. Arms flailing, yelling at the top of her lungs, you get the ugly picture. So she got to spend a lengthy time out in the car. I record that incident here to give an accurate picture of our trip. Like it or not, her big fit was a pretty memorable part of it.

We ate on the square and then headed to our hotel room. Would have been nice if they had both laid here and fallen asleep just like that. I was pooped after entertaining them for 4 hours in a car (Have I mentioned that my kids won't watch TV for longer than about 20 minutes?!?!) and after the aquarium, the fit, two restaurant experiences, and no naps. 

So I 'let' Isaac deal with the bedtime deal while I watched from my comfortable bed. Am I mean?
Annette finally fell asleep on a floor pallet around 10:20 pm. About the same time I did :)

And here they are this morning as we were about to hop on the elevator to our car.

The trip home was actually pretty nice and uneventful.

It was a great trip, filled with (mostly) fun memories :)
Thanks, Isaac, for turning the ordinary things in life into fun. 


Carol said...

So fun! Glad you enjoyed those great Tulsa attractions, though I am sorry about the fit-throwing. I hear ya, sister.

Lauren said...

I love that you post the good, the bad, and the ugly. There isn't a lot of honesty in "Mommy blog" world and I appreciate it. Plus it makes for a good chuckle and head bobs as I experience the same things...