Friday, May 25, 2012

Ballet recital

All ready for her big debut as a ballerina.

Robinson was CROWDED. We were glad to find some seats near some buddies.

Charlie was very attentive for about 10 minutes. Luckily, Annette's class was one of the earliest numbers. And lucky that he could run around the lobby with his Daddy through several of the other numbers.

The Candyland themed stage

I cried. Actual tears. It was so precious watching my brave girl do her best on a big stage. She did all the moves just right and was more than confident. So proud of her!!

After the big dance, the girls got some goldfish as a treat. Big deal :) Annette was pumped.

After watching a few more friends perform, I snapped some pictures on the Robinson stairs. With my iPhone. I was irate when I realized I forgot my big camera as we were pulling into the parking deck. Talk about a time when I would have LOVED to take some nice pictures. Oh well. I had to get over it as we showed up with just a few minutes to spare. 

 Then, we headed out for ice cream with sweet Ruthie who came to support our young performer.

Special friends. And a very special, special memory.