Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Less Words Wednesday

Hand print Caterpillars. 
We need to go back and add grass and flowers to the background. They need a little more color.

These two feel like they get closer and closer in age. Is that weird?? They can play together so well now. Here they are playing 'night-night'. Which means I go and turn out the lights and we say "good night! i love you!" over and over : )

I've ound several fun links to Dot Art printables via Pinterest. Thank you, tot school and Making Learning Fun , for great FREE resources.

To ROY G. BIV correctly, we 'created' orange and purple by layering with the primary colors.

Isaac and Charlie play this game just about every night. Throw the football up in the air try to catch it while lying down. My husband is quite amazing at raising a boyish boy. 

I've said it a ton before, but Annette really loves chalk. I was getting tired of our regular hop scotch, so I decided to use letters instead of the traditional numerals.  We say the sound as we hop on each letter. Then, we blend the sounds together to say the word. Annette can get the word right about half of the time. She can segment words way better than she can blend them. Which is kind of unusual!

For instance, she can play this app very well independently.
It's called Montessori Words and it's my favorite phonics app yet.  I'd recommend it for kids that already know their letters and letter sounds, since this is the easiest level.

We are excited about being able to enjoy the pool soon. Until now, the little one will do:)

This pic was taken this afternoon right before Charlie was stung on the hand by a mean ole bee. I wanted to smash that thing into a thousand pieces. He was so tough. Only cried for about 30 seconds. We put ice on it for a few minutes and then he was eating chips with that hand in about 2 minutes. 
However, he has screamed every time he has seen a flying bug since.

Come on, pool time... Stay away, bees!

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