Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Almost Over

Summer. It's almost over. Some would say it's already over, but not for the Smith's. We've still got a beach trip to enjoy in a week.

Howeeeever, we have just about wrapped up our summer activities. Excited about fall happenings, but sad to see the lazy pool days of summer come to an end. I have a feeling next summer will be a bit less lazy for me...  with an additional baby around and all. :)

To take advantage of the pretty weather at the beginning of the week, we went to the zoo this week.

We also went to Open House at our new pre-school, St. Mark's. They will start next week. Charlie going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Annette going Tues, Thurs, Fridays.

I'm super excited about them starting up school. It's been a while since I've had chunks of daytime to get caught up on house stuff. Plus, they are going to learn so much! I got overly excited when I saw the same calendar and poems on the walls that hung in my own classroom years ago. Eeeek! Teacher becoming students' mother... new role for me. And I'm going to have to contain my suggestions/opinions/etc. Won't be easy for this passionate momma.  
As for my little students, they loved the teachers and new school setting as much as I did. Immediately. 
 They both just about cried when it was time to leave. My mom was kind, kind, kind to join me for Open House. Glad she came because my kids ran in two different directions most of the morning. 

The teacher in me was mentally taking note of all the books they had in the classroom. As I started checking off which ones I've read to her and thinking "Oh! I need to get that book out and read it to her before Tuesday", I had to remind myself that I must stop these crazy teacher-mom tendencies. 

It was a great time. Don't think I embarrassed them yet. 

My mom came to help me through Open House, yes. But also to take the kids to her house afterwards. She was super-Granny again and watched them overnight while I went to Memphis with some girls from church. We stopped by the Pottery Barn Outlet, a church to visit their children's program, and some fun restaurants including a delish crepe place. Loved, LOVEd, spending time with those ladies.
While in Memph, I found this fab deal. And I had been in search of a bigger backpack for A and C! Perfect timing.

Thankful for the chance to go and have some girl time.

Last night we went to Isaac's parents for his birthday dinner. I've said it before, but Connie Smith can COOK! She had sea bass and salmon and halibut and like 10 other amazing sides for us to enjoy. 
This chocolate cake is Isaac's absolute favorite. Might be mine too.
She even made a table full of these for the groom's cake at our wedding.

That's Rachael, Isaac's lil sis above.
Below, Charlie makes hilarious excited noises as he helps open gifts. 

Then today, I met a friend to plan some Bloom Bible Study stuff.
Our kids entertained themselves with the elevator buttons, dry erase markers, and the playground.

Planning was accomplished.

So that's a smattering of the Smith family's weekly events.

Squeezing the last bits of summer out of this year, while also excited about fall.
Especially this first Razorback game.

I'll be working Saturday, but Ike (aka Super Dad) is still debating on whether he wants to take kids to Fay for the game. I don't blame him. I'd love to be there with them. Yet, taking two toddlers SOLO might prove more work than fun. We will see.
We might just end up at the lake for the long weekend. 

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.


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Carol said...

FYI, I think it would be great to hear from your perspective which books are absolute must reads for young kiddos. Great seeing you this morning!