Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week end Peek in

On Friday night, my mom and dad watched the kids overnight. We continually feel blessed to have family so close and ready to babysit. I dropped off the kiddos and Isaac and I hightailed it to the lake. We met some friends for dinner and had a great time with them riding around on the boat on Saturday afternoon once the rain had cleared out.

Had time to read this great book recommended by a librarian friend. It's a young adult novel based on a true story of a boy and girl growing up with very limited access to clean water. Getting to read a good book without interruption = a refreshed Morgan. 

We headed back to LR for dinner with my parents and Lauren and about 50 more friends and relatives. Notice I am wearing same exact thing. I packed lightly to say the least.

My aunt and uncle on my dad's side of the family celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday night. What an amazing thing.... to be married for 50 years. Such a blessing. One that I hope Ike and I get to enjoy 45 years from now.

Above, my dad playing with Charlie.

Below, Lauren and I visiting with my great aunt Hilda. 


Annette learning life lessons from Aunt Hilda. It's nice seeing them together. Annette never got to meet my AMAZING 'granny', Mattie Burnelle. Sad face. 
But, I'm thankful she at least gets to be around her little sister, Hilda, every now and again. 

The Setzler and Anthony families chatting and hugging and reminiscing.  A wonderful evening.

And here are the kids at church this morning. 
It was a fun and packed morning with all the new third graders moving up. I was in giddy first-day-of-school-teacher mode. I even laid out the kids outfits last night before church. I never do that. We were still late. Less late though : )

And for dinner tonight, we had some lovely neighbor friends over to grill out poolside. No pics, but lots of fun was had. 

All refreshed and geared up for a new week. We've got the zoo, library, and swimming on our agenda for the next two weeks before A and C start their little preschool a couple days a week. Oh,, AND we are headed to the beach in a couple of weeks too. Pumped!

Happy beginning of a new week.

~ morgan


Carol said...

You are such a great Ambassador Lightbearer! It is fun to see you in your element - nice job!

Clay and J said...

So glad to see that cute little baby bump! Summertime is so wonderful, glad you are enjoying!