Friday, August 10, 2012

Pasta Life Cycle

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar the other day and got crafty while learning about the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly.

 If you notice I have two tables in our dining area, I'll explain that in another post : )

We used to do this when I was teaching first grade. Orzo or rice as the egg stage. Some type of spiral pasta for the larva stage. Penne or a shell type pasta for the chrysalis or cocoon stage. And then the bowtie pasta for the butterfly! We used pasta I already had on hand, or I would have used the shell kind for the chrysalis.

I tried to explain the life cycle, and how after a butterfly is an adult it can make new baby eggs and the cycle will start all over again. By that point though, they were much more into seeing how much glue they could squeeze out of the bottle.

Speaking of baby eggs and life cycles ; ) ..... We got a great report at the doc's office yesterday. Baby Smith #3 looked healthy all around. So very thankful for that fast little heartbeat.

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