Monday, August 27, 2012

On My Roll

The past several days according to my phone's camera roll...

Walks to Red Mango, Kroger, and the park were nice with this weather.

A picnic at the park. Yes, that's a rotisserie chicken. Perfect instant and healthy option.

Charlie lovin' tumble n play time with little friends and Mrs. Cammie.

Me loving date time. We went to a Big Bro Big Sis event this night.

We stayed home Friday night and made homemade pizzas with the kiddos. They really really like doing this.

We also celebrated Isaac's 31st birthday with a date to R.J. Tao, a newly opened restaurant near our house. It's owned by the Sushi Cafe people, so we figured we'd like it. We sooo did. We had delicious food and a great time. 

And this morning I took my two to the dentist. Charlie did very well for his first visit. Annette, who loved the dentist at 2, was not as willing at 3. While there, I was also given the no-paci talk. Not surprising, but not the easiest thing for me to go and live out. I know it's past time to get rid of it, but Charlie has started taking 2 hour naps consistently, so I'm a bit afraid this will mess those precious naps up. Yet, it has to be done eventually and getting it done pre-baby-#3 seems logical. Maybe 'the talk' will be the motivation needed for me to actually DO it. I'll let you know how that goes :)

Looking forward to dance and pre-school starting up next week. Surely with a bit more free time I'll get around to finishing the re-do of our table and do at least a couple of things (like move Charlie into Annette's room) to get ready for this December baby. But if not, I know we will be just fine the way we are. 

I'd like to think I'm pretty good at improvising. 

Hope it's a great week for everybody :)

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