Sunday, September 2, 2012

So long, Paci

After a trip to the dentist last week, I decided to see if I could get Charlie to take his nap without a paci (or 2 or 3).

I remember ridding Annette of the thing when she turned 3. It was not easy. She asked for it in the car, at nap, at night, when she had a boo-boo, when Charlie had his, when I wanted to keep her quiet;), etc.

Yet, we stuck to our guns and eventually she stopped complaining. But she never has taken much of a nap since. Every once in a month she'll take a quick one, but when we said goodbye to paci, I had to say goodbye to that nice double nap I had worked hard to get to.

That experience had me dreading taking Charlie's away. There were pros and cons to going cold turkey now. And there were pros and cons for waiting later in my opinion. Thoughts: He is only 2.5, so maybe his naps are needed enough that the removal of dear paci won't rock the nap boat like it had Ann. Maybe I should do it now so when the new baby arrives, it will good and done already. Maybe I should make things easier on myself and just let him have it so I can enjoy his 2 hour naps without a fuss.

So I just went for it. Laid him down for nap without one.

He asked for it once. I told him he was a big boy now. (teared up typing that) He said, "I big boy. I wear pull up."

And then he went to sleep.

He did the same thing that night.
And then that was it.

Hasn't complained since.

Once again, Charles proves easy going and peaceful in nature. Sweetest little boy I know.
He was SOoOo sweet about it, I almost was missing the tantrums I expected. Weird.
I'm still surprised how simple that milestone ended up being.
My first and second born SURE are different.
Which makes our family so much more..... perfectly God designed.

Here they are playing in the rain while the Hogs were on tv.

Yeah, we decided to keep things simple and stick around here this labor day weekend. Catching up on laundry and getting excited about Florida on Saturday.

Happy Labor Day everybody :)

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A.H.P. said...

Yea Charles! He must be ready to be a big brother!