Monday, September 17, 2012

Sandy Smatterings

We went to the beach last october, fell even more in love with the beach at that time of year, and decided to plan an early fall beach trip again this year.

SO glad we did. Our kids really were the perfect ages for the sand and waves this year.

My lovely sister came with us, which was an enormous blessing.

Isaac played and built and refereed and entertained and fed and once again WON the best dad award. Lauren did the same, winning best aunt award. 
While I got about half of 4 books read and sat my 6 month pregnant self down lots of the day. It was niiice :)

Soccer was a hit with the kids. Especially Charlie. Random people started clapping for him he was so surprisingly good (for a 2 year old.)

Our kids..... plus my never-met-a-stranger husband... made instant friends with the families on either side of us. We all had kids about the same ages which was super fun. They played together every day.

Charlie would like to spray every bottle he sees until they're all dried out. This cactus spray came in reeeal handy when those biting flies came around about once a day. 

Lauren watched the kids while Ike took me out to dinner at Paradis one blissful night. Isaac grilled two nights. (I have an amazing husband.) And we went to George's and Cowgirl Kitchen the other nights. We walked almost everywhere, which is one of my favorite things about staying in the Rosemary Beach area.

It was WONDERFUL. The kids enjoyed the beach as much as we did and were far easier than we expected. Probably some to due with our low expectations and more to do with our beautiful surroundings and close company. 

It's a trip for which we are ultra grateful and one we hope to redo again next summer. 

Now, back to the busy days!

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