Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In Full Swing

We are back in full swing.
The more scheduled Fall swing that is.

Been busy playing catch-up since our beach trip. Thought I'd use my iPhone camera roll to document our latest smatterings.

Also threw in some (lots of) beach pics that I took with my phone and forgot to post on my last entry.

Annette's impressive art using stickers---totally independently. Proud of my little artist.

I printed off lots of Pinterest road trip activity ideas, stuck them in a binder, and hoped they would make the long drive to the beach a bit easier. They were pretty effective for a handful of minutes at a time, which was about all I could ask for. Like I said on the beach post though, the kids shocked us by being easy to handle on the road.

Loved George's Restaurant in Alys beach, right near Rosemary. 

MY kids. BOTH looking at the camera. AND smiling. That's a rarity. Too bad they aren't in matching smocked clothes :)

We had fun visiting with our friends who were back in town from North Carolina.

It never gets old seeing Charlie in a jon jon on the beach. 

We started dance back up. Annette is in heaven there. 

I also never tire of Charlie's tan lines. 

Seeing how much fun my kids had feeding the seagulls was worth the annoying side effect.... of birds lurking around for hours/days afterwards.

We went to Fayetteville for the Alabama game right when we got back from beach. Even though we were slaughtered, we managed to have a good time. 

Passed my glucose test the other day. Whew. The kids came with me because I forgot about the appt until literally the last few minutes/hours. They handled the hour and a half appointment much better than I would have expected. Thankful for the little play house in the waiting room. 

Just about wraps up our little lives lately. Well the above, plus Community Group, and several Bible studies, and teaching Reading courses on Saturdays, and a fishing trip for Isaac, and getting the kids 'shared' room ready, and some furniture painting projects, and yadda yadda yadda :)

~ morgan

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