Thursday, September 27, 2012


Reuse. My favorite way to be green. (Know I need to work on those other two R's)

I get a kick out of reusing things I've already got laying around.

I like a bargain, and Im a last minute kind of girl, so this hobby just makes sense for me. And truthfully, I thrive on the moments I get to be resourceful and creative.

Painting things such as old encyclopedias white for these built ins, slip covering chairs, using shutters as a headboard, and those type things are what I call fun.

I've been working on a few other recent projects around our house trying to get the kid bedrooms looking cute and ready for our upcoming arrival. More posts on those later.

Today, while I was waiting for some clothes to finish in the washer, I decided to reuse this door hanging from last fall. Guess you could say I got a hankering to do something crafty while my kids were at pre-school.

Liked this hanging thing pretty well when I found it on sale last year at Shoppes On Woodlawn, but decided I wanted it to have polka dots on it this year. Saw one kind of like this new version in a store window the other day, and thought.... I can turn my old pumpkin over and paint the back!! 

Thought I'd have to paint the back orange first, but when I flipped it over, I was pumped that it was already orange. 

I used an old coffee cup lid to make my circle forms and then painted the circles in. Does it get any easier or faster?? I used just a bit of old paint I had from another project, so that it wouldn't seep through to the other side... in case I ever decide to flip it again to use the original side. This plan worked perfectly. And I finished before my clothes even got finished washing. 

I hung it up wet :)
And I need to probably take that black ring doo-dad hanger thing off and move it to the new backside, but I'm not really into details like that. Maybe I'll make myself finish it up right another day.

My next project is to paint/use the two side boards to Annette's old crib as twin head boards for A and C's shared bedroom. I'm excited:)))

We will see if I can make them look like twin headboards instead of crib ends.
Happy reusing....


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