Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning = Fall Uncleaning

They say you clean in the spring. So I might could say that fall is the season to unclean or make messes. Most of my messes start out as 'projects'. Some projects remain in the Unfinished Mess stage, while some (okay, a few) turn into the completed product I had envisioned.

I was motivated to complete a couple of Unfinished Messes this past month because it was our month to host Supper Club.

Don't get too excited.... my projects aren't real fancy or innovative. Lately, I just borrow ideas from Pinterest to re purpose things I already have stuffed around our house.

Project: Whiten Shelves

We have these shelves in our little dining room. I usually love a hodge podge look, but after admiring some pictures of shelves filled with all things white, I was inspired to create my own monochromatic look. Without buying anything new.

So, I started looking through my kitchen cabinets and hutch and pulled out everything I had that was white. Then, I started spray painting.

I painted wooden vases, glass vases, plastic objects, and even an old set of encyclopedias that I have never been able to throw away. And honestly, they are from the early 80's and their content is just a tad outdated. Now they are whitewashed.... and the absolute perfect object to place on the bottom shelves of my toddler-friendly house.

 I still have lots of space to fill to create the cottage feel I am hoping to achieve, but here is the start to my all-white shelves.

Project: Supper Club

I wish I'd thought to take some pictures of the tables and a picture of the guys, but I was of course too busy having fun. Isaac made sliders. Turkey and blue cheese and regular beef.... they were yummo. And everyone brought a side or a  delicious something for us all to enjoy. Fun times.

Project: Re-purpose Old Shutters

I've had these old shutters in our shed/storage thing for several years now. I bought each one for a dollar. I knew that one day I could do something fun with them.

I painted them. Distressed them. (Mess, and more of a mess.)
Then, I attached strings to the back of them. And hung them. I pretty much like the way they turned out. Wish I had distressed them even more, because from a distance you can't really see all the sanding and dents I spent my time adding. Then, I added a wreath I got from Target, which of course was also inspired by the big P.
We haven't had a headboard since we upgraded to a king size bed about a year ago. Not sure if this will be permanent, but I like the way it looks for now. But, I am always wanting to change things, so who knows!?

I couldn't write a new post without posting at least one recent photo of my two favorite 'messes':)
This is pretty typical of Annette lately. Moo. Dee. Typical girl. She can be happy as can be one minute, and then throw a fit the next minute. PLUS, she insists on picking out her own clothes. Dangerous combo.

Charlie, however, is my Mr. Easy Going boy. Hope he stays that way for a bit longer.

Off to make some more messes! Hopefully, messes that are productive....

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Carol said...

Cute, cute! Love that you spray painted encyclopedias!