Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkins and Hogs and DVR

Pumpkin Patch Playdate!

I spy Annette in white pumpkins.

If I could have fit all these white ones in the bottom of my stroller, I might have tried to do it.
Love em.

This was our fourth trip to this place.... Once last year, and twice the year before. And every time, we have had so much fun. But this time, it was craziness. I guess the place is getting more popular. AND it was a Friday. So there were like 5 school buses there filled with young children. Who were all running around a lot of land. Makes a mother of two wild toddlers a little bit nervous. It was hard to keep my eye on both of them at the same time while they were running in two different directions. Luckily, my dear mom friends helped me. I can try to help with their kids too, but mostly, I feel like I am in the negative all the time.

Needing more help > helping.

Anyways, we didn't get to do the hayride, which is my very favorite activity at the patch due to the huge number of children/schools waiting their turn. Oh well. It was still a very fun outing.

 I think we will go on a shorter drive to Bo Brooks next week so we can really pick a pumpkin right off the vine. And enjoy bumping around on the hay. I'm pretty sure I like the hayriding as much as any of the kids.

Charlie is determined to squeeze in the wagon with Sam and Liza. He is a hoot.

Then, he decides he can push and pull them.

Skiddish of animals. Like her momma.

Charlie, however, would let the animals lick... and probably even bite him. Boys.

Of course, he finds the sandbox and gets it in every wrinkle and roll.

Love that Ruthie

And then......................
We drove home from the PP about noon, picked up Isaac, and then drove to Fayetteville for the big game.

Isaac's parents were so nice to offer us there house up there for the weekend. We met my sister, Lauren, at the house. It has been 5 weeks since we have seen her.... the longest ever.  Annette and Charlie both said Rah-Rah, Rah-Rah over and over in the most excited little voices. Precious!

 Lauren and I played with the kids while Isaac went to some 'work' related party-meeting-thing.
Wish my 'work' was a little more glamorous sometimes ;)

Isaac cooked us steaks on the grill and we ate a peaceful, memorable, meal at the Fayetteville house (as we like to call it), catching up with Lauren.

On Saturday morning we got Red-ed up and walked up the steep hill to the tailgating area around the stadium. It's such a treat to be able to walk to and from the game from the house. We were able to take the kids to play and mingle for a while, and then we took them back home for late naps around 3.

We had one of our trusty babysitters move up to NWA for school at John Brown this year, so she was able to meet us at the house and watch the kids while we went to the game sans kids. Perfecto!

Lauren tried to get a family pic. Pretty difficult with two wild ones.


They loved boucing around from rock to rock, keeping an eye out for the cheerleaders and Big Red.

 Isaac used to park cars at this house when we were in college. He got to say Hi to his old 'boss' which pretty was neat. Charlie was more interested in going up and down the hill the whole time.

As the kids got more and more tired, we strapped them in the stroller and headed back to the house. Charlie was out like a light  in less than 5 minutes, while Annette fought sleep by screaming the entire walk. People kept saying, poor baby. Ha. On top of the looks and the screaming 2 year old, we got hackled for having an auburn hued stroller. People.

After a successful naptime and handover to the sitter, we headed back up the hill to the game. It was one of my favorite Hog games. We rooted and hollered and high fived and ate corn dogs and saw old friends and enjoyed the beautiful night.

We woke up early this morning, got ready, loaded the car, and made a bee-line towards Little Rock, making it just in time for church.

A quick, memory filled, beautiful fall weekend.

And we had our wonderful community group over tonight. Love catching up with our couple friends.

And, oh my goodness.... Isaac just told me that Amazing Race started up again tonight! My second favorite reality show. (Project Runway, you will always be number 1.)

And the fun weekend continues... to the very last hours:)

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Carol said...

So cute! It all looks like a blast - hard to believe that you crammed that much in to just three days.