Friday, March 27, 2015

spring break 2015

Since we were in Mexico the last week, we stuck around Little Rock for spring break.

We went to playgrounds and plays and spent lots of time in our own backyard.  Literally.
It's amazing how much easier parenting is when you can let them roam outside. 

We also went to the Heifer Ranch in Perryville one day. 
It was just the right outing for us. 

Thankful our sitter, Carrie, could come with us. When possible, I like to have more than two hands with this crew on an outing. 

Charlie could not get over this camel. He was pretty funny. He danced/swayed and made everybody laugh. And then he would show you his yellow crooked teeth in a smile.

JL is growing a mullet. Hoping it will get into pigtail length soon.

She spent a lot of time in the bumbo. Exciting.

We made mud pies and fairy houses with our neighbors. Rode bikes and found worms. It was truly a great start to spring. 

Jane Lauren even started rolling over. 
Eek. I love those chubby limbs.

Very thankful for a restful spring break.

I had to look back at a few past spring breaks. 
Nice to go down Memory Lane.

Spring Break 2010-  one of my favs :)

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