Thursday, March 5, 2015

Adjusting to 4

I have discovered that having 4 children is so very wonderful. And that I have also reached my maximum capacity. Which is a good thing, because I like to push myself. Maxed out is my comfort zone. That is, until it comes to pushing myself while running or other types of cardio, ha.

I have had to reluctantly say 'no' to some things that I've found time for in the past. Even with three kids, I could sort of get most things done. Maybe not well, but at least sort of done. Adding another child to our mix has certainly made me realize I cannot do everything and that my energy has limits.

So, I've backed out of a few commitments, found more help with the house and children, and have started thinking a bit longer before I commit to something new. AND  I have an even deeper appreciation for GRACE.  God's grace. Grace from friends. Giving myself more grace.  I feel like I should be pulling my weight more. With kid pick ups and carpools. With laundry. With cooking. With feeding other new moms. With feeding the hungry in general.  I feel like I need to do MORE. Yet, lately I'm finding peace in being 'less productive', maybe because I have to,.. because there is no way I can get it all done. Maybe because I have had some 'aha' moments in our church small group study. God has put me in this house with these little ones and He might just be asking me to draw a line through a lot of the responsibilities I thought needed to be on my calendar. I'm learning that this might not be the phase for me to lead something new at school or church. Which hurts me to type. BUT, I think (and pray) that God will use me in whatever way He sees best for now AND later. It's a really good thing for me to learn.

I'm so grateful for family and friends who help me in extreme amounts and for my super husband.

Isaac took Annette to a daddy-daughter dance last month,,,

Although the snow days can drive me crazy, they helped me get caught up on some quality time with my big kids. 

Set lasts about one minute in the snow.

She has had like 6 snow days (i've lost count) already in her 3 months. 
We are ready for spring. As always.

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