Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tubes for Set and Other 6 Month Smatterings

My baby is 6 months old!!

Some days it feels like I've had him forever and some days I feel like he has just arrived. Either way, Set makes me feel extremely happy and blessed.

He is one of the most easy going babies I have ever been around. He doesn't cry often, but when he does, it doesn't even sound that mad or loud. Nothing like the high pitched, ear piercing cry my first baby had.

And with 6 ear infections in the last 3 months, you'd think the poor thing would be crying a lot more. 
 Today we went to Children's for an ENT visit. As we suspected, he needs tubes. He will go in some time this coming Tuesday for the quick procedure. My other two had no trouble with their ears, so this is new mom territory for me. I've been given lots of advice on the topic from lots of people..... Different opinions abound. Tubes vs no tubes... But we are confident tubes are a good option for Set. My gut is good with this decision. Which is very important to me. He has a little skin tag on his ear that will be removed at the same time. Two birds with one stone as the saying goes. 

And by the way, Children's Hospital was even cooler than I expected. There was an art cart and volunteers helping kids make truly exciting/creative art right in the waiting room. The sign in stuff is all on these fancy electronic screens. Friendly staff was everywhere, even lining the halls. I see what all the fuss is about now. 

Half way to a year is a pretty big milestone so I better document some other current Set smatterings. 

He weighed 18 lbs. I don't keep up with height anymore... Way too much room for error IMO. 

He is sitting up with no support. For about 2-3 minutes without falling over :) Boppy gets used a lot these days to catch his tip-overs. 

I haven't even tried to get him on a schedule yet. He eats when he's hungry and/or when we aren't in the car and/or  the other kids are somewhat occupied. 
He eats once or twice in the night. Usually around 1:30. I don't even notice the lack of sleep anymore. Charlie started sleeping thru the night at about 10 months, so that's probably what I'm expecting again. 

I gave him cereal a couple weeks ago and he wasn't too interested. I tried pears last week and he seems to like them. So I've been giving him those once a day. He's still figuring out how to eat off a spoon. He grabs at the spoon almost the entire time which makes for an even bigger mess. Makes me want to tie his hands behind his back or something. Kidding!! But I bet they have some type of contraption in one of those kid product magazines for that exact tendency/mom-problem. 

He likes to put everything in his mouth these days. No teeth yet, but I'm sure he's working on some. Other two kids had teeth at about 8 months. Maybe it will be the same with this lil guy too. 

He laughs and coos, but not much babbling yet. I think his ear being basically under water for the last 3 months hasn't helped him out in the language development area. No doctor has said that, but as his mama, I get to use my intuition to come up with my own philosophies. :)

Mornings with this guy are pretty sweet. He wakes up anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30 on most mornings. Usually just about 20 minutes or so before the Crazies wake up. 

So very, very thankful for our little Set.


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