Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fourth of July Craft

Last year we made some flags and another type of fireworks, you can see here.

I haven't had as much structured craft time with the kids as I'd like lately, but Annette did help me make some more firework art to get us ready for the upcoming holiday. It's becoming a crafting tradition.

I cut out a simple rectangle 'stencil' with construction paper. If I'd used a paper plate or card stock it would have been more sturdy. But we were only using this for 3 fireworks, so being sturdy didn't really matter much. 

I held down the stencil and she used Dot Markers to fill in the shape, but paint or even crayons would get the same point across.

There is something everyone seems to like about peeling off a stencil. Instant gratification of sorts.

We needed some sparkle/explosion part for the top of our fireworks. Annette suggested glitter of course.
Yet, in the big move, I can't find our collection of glitter. So, we improvised with sprinkles. Annette did not miss the glitter. She happily ate the ones that fell off her paper. Non-toxic glue remnants and all :)

We are sooo ready for the 4th now  ;)

Looking forward to watching some real fireworks next week.


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