Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Less Words Wednesday: A race, Tubes, and other Smatterings

Race to Remember.

Supporting all the teams, but especially Team Henry Lewis

Visiting the zoo. Again. It's one of our favorite spots lately.

Someone wanted to switch strollers with Set.

This cute sweaty face is just as noteworthy as the cute baby ape we watched for a half hour.

More of my little heart throb. At the pool.... another favorite summer spot.

We've also been visiting different libraries and enjoying their free summer entertainment.

And Set got his tubes. Thankfully it was uneventful and simple and so so quick. No IV needed. They just use gas. We were only apart from him for 9 minutes. I only had time to log on to the Children's internet server deal, realize that Pinterest is blocked by their firewall (!!), and then they called us back.

Just a couple of stitches and a couple of tubes later, we drove him home by 9:30 am. 

Up and playing in about 2 hours.

You can sort of see his little stitches.

Family game night. Pretty Pretty Princess. 

Such a good sport, our Dad.

Other random moments from the past week...

Pajama Fashion Show. They walk out. I emcee. We laugh and laugh. 

Blackberries from the Westover Farmer's Market up the road.
She ate them til she had a purple forehead.

Working on summing up month 2 of our house renovations. It will be fun to document.

~ morgan

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