Friday, June 7, 2013

Small smatterings: Parks and Recreation

We've hit up our local P and A on our down time this week. 

Three on a double stroller. I'm breaking all kinds of stroller rules. I need a triple stroller sometimes. 

This mess makes me happy. I'm weird. 

A craft inspired by Pinterest, but Annettecized. 

Set is starting to sit up by himself for a few moments.

We've been park hopping. Our new favorite is Prospect Terrace. 

Summer means more time for the park, zoo, library, pool, crafts and the water hose around here. 

This stay-at-home-mom can't stay at home very long or she (and her kids) go crazy. So, thank you, Arkansas Parks and Rec. You make my job more fun. 

Happy weekend!

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