Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grant Street Project: Month Two

Our second month hasn't been quite as drastic (on the outside) as last month. But on the inside, lots of work was done. Last month's progress is in this post.

Electricians and Plumbers and Siding and Cabinet guys have become my friends this month. I am amazed at all the things they know that I am clueless about. Important things. Things that will provide a long lasting shelter for us.
But I am learning some.  The words muntin, clad, and z flashing are all part of my vocabulary now.

Since last month we have gained ALL new plumbing. And ALL new electrical. And an all new HVAC unit for the new upstairs of the house. None of the old would do.
The only thing that we were able to keep was our original HVAC unit that heats and cools the downstairs. It's old, but still a'kickin. We will get as much use out of it as we can.

The electrical guys had to run all the first floor outlets from under our house... which is a tiiiight crawl space.
I'll just say I did not envy them. It took a while.

Our old hot water heater was in an outdoor makeshift type closet deal. It was not going to 'meet code' as it was, so we had to get a new one of those too.

This house is going to have less OLD than I had hoped for. BUT, it will function much much more efficiently. 

That's our old bathtub (sigh) under all that old house debris.

This picture is upstairs, in Charlie's future room, looking into the Jack-n-Jill bathroom that will connect to Annette's room. That's Mr. Rick, our cabinet guy, in there measuring for custom cabinets. He's been super to work with, even with all my mind-changing. 

This wall below was the one we couldn't wait to see come down. It separated our old master bedroom from the old den. The old master (the green room) will become our new den. Our TV and some built in shelves will go in that open space on the right.... which used to be our scrunched closet.  The door frame on the left side near the big windows used to be the entrance to our smallish master bath that had no tub. It will now be just a regular wall with no opening.

The yellow room, our old den, will now be our eating area. I picture a big farm house table that can seat a big family plus have room for some guests. The step between these rooms will have to stay. Apparently there is no easy fix for that. So I've decided to embrace the step :) I am glad there will be a nice open flow from kitchen to table to den.

We will soon have a real mantle around the fireplace, instead of the uneven shelf that is there now. Thus the brick samples resting against fireplace.
The two built in cabinet things that flank either side of the entrance into kitchen will look different as well. The one on the right previously housed our smallish TV. The one on the left held toys and games on one side, and a trash can in the other side.

The plan is to get rid of the whole lower cabinet thing on the right (allowing for a walkway), and have a much more shallow drawer type thing in its place.
The cabinetry on the left will be extended to make an island/bar where we can have 3 or 4 bar stools.

The den has a vaulted ceiling now, which we think is pretty fun. It's not the biggest den as it was previously an old bedroom, so we felt like raising the roof would make it feel more open. You can see the wall hadn't been removed yet in the picture below.

It makes me so very happy that we are keeping all the windows that are on the bottom floor. They are original to our old house and are one of the things that made me fall in love with her the first time we walked through over 4 years ago.

Below, you're looking at our teensy powder room. I've always loved under-the-stairs half bathrooms. I think they add character and seem old-timey.... two things I'm usually trying for. I really wanted the powder room to be on the other 'under' side of the stairs. But because of the head space you need to walk up the stairs and because of how many steps we needed to get to the second floor, it only worked for us to have the powder room under this side of the stairs. I'm learning that one change in plans usually makes for lots of other consequential changes. That domino effect is something of which I have to consonantly remind my-mind-changing-self.

This will be a case opening that leads from front/entry room into the stairwell and den.

Lots of electrical wires everywhere. None of them actually working quite yet. If they were, I'd be tempted to move in. Already. Plug in some fans and bring a mattress or two. I wish. The no potty or running water thing would pose too much of  a problem. 

Below you see a picture of our new master bathroom and closet, looking in from our new master bedroom.
This space used to be Annette and Charlie's room, looking through their bathroom wall and into Set's nursery (which will now be our closet.) I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE A TUB in our bathroom!

Here is the entrance to our old master bath, which will now be the laundry room. Laundry room. Laundry room. I love the sound of that. It will be a huge upgrade from our laundry closet. It sits off the new master bedroom, which is a bit unusual, but I think will work out very well for us. I can't wait to close the door on the piles of dirty clothes that I know will find themselves there.

Looking down, I can see straight to the dirt under our house. Not for too much longer I hope. 

The day I can walk in and flick one of these switches on will be such an exciting day.

Here is what she's looking like on the outside. Not a lot different. The new siding and windows should be going up by the end of this week.  There is one more window that will be seen from this side view of the house. It will be the playroom/bedroom window towards the back, over the carport roof. I plan to use that front left bedroom as Set's room. 

The kids are very excited to have an upstairs. Thanks to one of the workers and a metal detector tool, the house was nail free this weekend and safe enough for the kids to walk through. We even swam in the pool one evening. It's hard to stay away, really. The kids got to see where there future bedrooms will be. T

On the way to church a day later, Charles says, "Who will I talk to at night? When Annette is in the other room?" It was so sweet. I told him that he could still sleep in Annette's big girl bed with her if he wants to. But Annette said, "Never!"

Ha. I bet they end up wanting to sleep in the same room quite often. I remember wanting to do that with my sisters when we were little. And that would be more than fine with me. I love their pre-sleep chatter. There is something about the sibling relationship that makes me all weepy. In a good way.

They are putting the siding and windows in as I type.
I am thinking it might actually be all sided up by the weekend!

And for the holiday, we plan to visit Uncle Jordan and enjoy their super firework display.  
Then we may just head to the lake.

 Happy 4th!!!

~ morgan

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