Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not super interesting weekend fun

We took the kids to a breakfast place over near us, and then to the museum of discovery on Saturday. 

It's about as old fashioned as you can get at the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse.  

He seriously said, "mine's not big enough!" We had a little lesson on what big means. 

A quick daily walk thru the house. Framer Gary was busy working on our porch/front door area. He seems to love the challenges that come with mixing new house with old house. I like that about him. And that he likes working on Saturdays. We had them move our front door Over about a foot to be more centered between the outside square columns. It's a little change, but one that we think makes a big pretty difference. More on that, and where that 'new' front door came from in another post. 

Museum time 

Molding pennies

My personal favorite spot... The tinkering room. This homeade robot thing reminder me of the Inventions Hugo, which I read a couple of months ago. It was SUCH a great book. 

Charlie lost Interest. As did Isaac. But Ann and I had fun creating a non flying helicopter. 

Annette has such determination. Her strength and pure will was worth two pictures here. 

Set shadows 

And here my lovelies are this morning. All squinty from that beautiful sun. 

Three in a tub. Love it. 



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