Sunday, July 7, 2013

Visiting Uncle Jordan, A Parade, and The Lake

We started off the holiday weekend by going to the pool on Wednesday evening, and then got up for the Hillcrest parade on the morning of the 4th. We had fun doing this last year, too. They've been doing this parade every year since 1976. Pretty cool tradition. 

Set napped through most of it.

Annette was tired and hot by the end of the walk, but the weather was actually super nice compared to last year. 

After the parade, we headed to Greenhurst in Charleston, AR where Isaac's younger brother Jordan lives. This has also become a fun tradition that we really look forward to each summer.

Lots of good porch time.

My kids did their first ever Slip-N-Slide. None of us adults wanted to demonstrate the how-to's, and you'd be surprised how much they were needed. Guess my kids have never seen this activity done before. Where are the older more experienced 8 year olds when you need them? ;) 
Soon enough though, they figured out that if they got a running start, they'd slide right down the semi-sloped grassy hill. 

Popsicles. Lots of popsicles. And Doc pitching the wiffle ball.

Such a pretty place. When you look out the back door, this is your view. I would have loved to have family pictures taken here. Next year, I might see if I can find a photographer in town do that for us.

I think I've busted my camera lens. I think that's possible, anyways. Its focusing ability seems to have declined. And there is this cloudy spot on the images.

Annette had fun entertaining Set with bubbles.

We headed down to Hot Springs on Friday afternoon. Another good window view here. Just being next to the lake makes me feel like I'm on vacation. Even if I've just finished changing another poopy diaper.

While the boys napped, I took Annette to get a pedicure for some quality time with just her. With 3 kiddos now, it seems like this intentional one on one time is much more needed. I had so much fun with her. She loved picking out the purple glitter polish (cringe) for her toes. 

Wasn't sure about the massage chair at first.

The End.
Of  Our Most Recent Wonderful Long Weekend With Loved Ones.

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