Saturday, July 27, 2013

Now I feel like I have 3 kids

For some reason... no, I think I know the reason... these last two weeks have felt increasingly harder. As in, I'm finding that I have even less sit time than in the last 6 months. Taking care of 2 little kids plus a non-moving baby just got stepped up a notch. 

Set isn't crawling yet, but he's scooting, rolling over everywhere (even off my big bed, oops://), grabbing everything, eating everything, etc. Taking way more energy than just his nightly feedings. 

So now for the first time I feel like I have 3 wildly moving parts and only two hands. 

He's such a goooooood baby. Super easy. Never knew what an easy baby was until I had him. Yet, he isn't just sitting in a swing anymore. Here is all 7 months and 20 lbs of him. 

Here are the last two weeks as I've hit a new type of survival mode. 

Super fun gatherings like this make my version of survival mode much more fun. 

Isn't Brooks CUTE!?
I'm always feeling like I have to have help from other moms with less kids. Like, 'Do you mind pushing Charlie on swing for a sec, while I change a diaper?' Or, can you carry this or that? The list of my needs for help is pretty embarrassing. 

Then I see other moms of 3 who are further down the road than me and they've managed fabulously. 
Visiting friends from PA= renewed energy:)

VBS at Pulaski Heights. My kids loved it. And helped in entertaining my kids. 

This is me pushing 3 kids in the huge cart that I'm so grateful Target provides. 

I sometimes think my blood pressure reaches crazy levels when they are all begging for something by the end of the Target trip. 

And then my mom gives me a break and takes the older two so Isaac and I can go to the lake for the afternoon/night with just Set and some friends. Those breaks are a huge gift. 

We got to visit with uncle Thad and aunt Rachael over at nonnie and doc's house the other night. 

Family dinners with amazing food and company remind me of all my many blessings. 

Isaac plays 'rough house' with kids every single night. His energy level is off the charts. He also lets me have help two days a week. My precious babysitter Callie comes over and helps me with kids while I tutor (and get a chance to use my teacher brain and make a few bucks) and then go to store, or make house building meetings, or whatever else I am struggling to get done with 3 kids around. So it's not like I don't have lots of help. I do and am hugely thankful for it. 

Keeping up with things (keys, phone, paci) is another suit I'm not strong in. Had to call Pop A Lock the other day. Charlie was sure he should cover his ears thinking there would be a loud POP :). This is another reason I will make sure to have a code box thing on my new carport door. 

Speaking of new house stuff, the grant street house is coming right along. 

I'll be posting about that progress sometime before we head to the BEACH next Saturday!!! 

I love that last picture. Watching my family grow up. Even amidst the tired arms, my very tired back, and a lot of dirty clothes/cars/dishes/kids/hair/bathtubs/diapers/floors....You name it, it's dirty right now... I can handle the survival mode feel of it all. I know it's just a phase that's going to pass by way too quickly. 

Happy Saturday! 


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