Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I spy with my little hand

Isaac and I got this game for the kids this Christmas. It has been one of the most played with toys they received. So I had to share our happiness with it in case anyone else is trying to entertain their youngins' indoors lately. With Set around, I feel like I need to be much more intentional about spending quality time with my big kids. Not that I do it enough, but I'm working on it.

Love that this game is customizable. You'll see what I mean below.
You could also make this whole game yourself. Using a card board box and cutting out holes in the sides, or you could just use a sturdy gift bag and cut holes in the sides.

Here it is at Toys R Us if you just want to click and buy it. Not sold on Amazon right now, boo.

It comes with cards and little 3D objects and some cardboard objects. We don't use the flat cardboard pieces yet because my kids sense of touch is not that keen yet. The 3D objects on the other hand, like the dinosaur and the ball, are just right.

You COULD follow the rules exactly like they're stated in the instructions, but I came up with a way that we find even more fun.
                It's so simple that Charlie can play just as easily as Annette, which is very nice.

How we play....

First we make a stack with the playing cards. (I removed the cards that matched the cardboard objects since we don't use those.)

The first player turns the top card over, and then sticks their hand in the hole nearest them and searches around with their hand until they find the corresponding object. If it takes them too long, we start counting down from 10. (Great for counting backwards practice! If my kids didn't have counting forwards down pat, I'd be practicing counting forwards instead.)

If you pull out the wrong object, or don't find it by the time we've counted down, the rest of the players get to stick their hand in the other hat holes and try to find that object. Whoever finds it first gets to keep that playing card and the object. We don't usually talk about who wins because that causes Annette to get a little too competitive, but if your kids can handle it-- whoever has the most cards at the end would be the winner.

I love that this game comes with blank playing cards. You get to find objects around the house that would make good game objects. A and C helped me search the toy box for items that would work. They picked a toy french fry, a yo-yo, a car, and some other ones. I chose the letter 'B' and a couple of other foam letters :) Always the teacher. Charlie knows over half of his letters, but still needs practice learning the other ones. This is the perfect chance! I will keep adding one or two unknown letters every once in a while. It's already working.

It's a very fun spin on the I Spy game. 

I spy Set sleeping in the chair.

Pumped to have a new go-to game that we can play as a family.
I was getting pretty tired of PPP as Annette calls it. 
(Pretty, pretty, princess)


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Lauren said...

Ooh what a fun looking game... we might just have to check that out!