Monday, January 28, 2013

A Type of Survival Mode

Set has woken up.

While he still sleeps a lot, my 6 week old baby no longer sleeps almost every hour. The hours he is awake, he will sit calmly in a swing or other baby gear for about all of 10 mins before wanting to be held.
Aye aye aye. Baby bjorn is back in high demand. Reminds me of when Charles was born. We are not in a routine and I'm halfway completing all tasks with a newborn attached to me. But I'd still say that going from 2 to 3 has been significantly easier than 1 to 2. For us. At least I only have one screaming baby this go round. That gives me some perspective.

The newly awake Set had his 1 month check up where he weighed in at 10.14 lbs, woo-woo! Proud he's steadily gaining since I never really know how much he's eating. His temperament is more laid back than the other 2 so far. He has gone with Ike and I on several dates to restaurants and done very well. A glorious first for us as parents. He's a fantastically efficient eater and if he's being held, he's an easy third wheel :)

Back to check ups, Annette and Charlie had theirs too while we were there. Poor Annette had to get her 4 year old shots. She didn't like them one bit, but when the nurse said that she needed them to go to big girl school she complained a bit less. She is so so excited about school. Me too, most days. I registered her for Forest Park today. We won't know if there is enough room for her there until April, but that's where I'm expecting she will be in the fall. If not, she could stay another year at the lovely St. Mark's with Charles.

There's part of me nervous about her starting an every day school this fall. But she will be 4.5. And seems every bit as ready as I think she needs to be.
Having all 3 under school age, and all at home most days, is wonderful, but challenging. My house is constantly a wreck, my car even worse, and I hardly ever get to sit down right now.

It's laughable really, to see the messes. But I'm in survival mode, right? So I'm allowing myself heaps and heaps of laundry, trash cans overflowing, toys everywhere, counter tops piled high with things that need to be put away, and unwashed hair.

Oh Survival mode. It's manageable. With my super husband who can overlook the messes and can be excited to come home to the chaos every day, and amazing friends who go above and beyond to help me, and my mom and other family constantly helping, and all the hugs and kisses and snuggles and songs and stories....with all those blessings... this type of survival mode isn't really 'survival mode' at all I guess.

It's a full life. 
Fully blessed.

Charles is 99% potty trained! Only a sporadic accident here and there.

Even our ant farm went into survival mode the last couple weeks. 
Although they've all passed now, the dear insects. 

Our first and only family picture of our family of 5. And you can barely see the little Set. 

She would love to have full reign of him. 

sweet and funny faces all the time

Without TV or internet for a few days bc of the Uverse outage, we ended up watching Barney DVDs on my laptop. We survived.

She proudly shows off her shot wounds. 

We even survived a walk to Kroger thanks to the double stroller and the Bjorn. 

~ morgan

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melodymellinger said...

Reminds me of those days when you used to babysit my bunch. You will survive! Now truly is the easy part. Love you!!