Wednesday, January 16, 2013

blurry memories. why i want time for photography lessons

i absolutely love love love pictures. especially pictures that capture special memories of my kids and family.

(excuse my CAPslessness. i am typing one-handedly as set is wanting to be held while my other two rest.)

isaac got me a nikon camera the year annette was born. i have enjoyed it so so so much.

yet, i have never known how to use it. i've pinned and read lots of tutorials. just enough that i've totally messed up all the settings and get more blurry pictures than i even used to.

i'm in desperate need of a class. with a newborn and two other wild kids to wrangle these days, my free time to play with my camera is very limited.

but i want good pictures NOW. i'm so patient, aren't I.
before set is bigger and crawling around, i want to be able to snap an impromptu picture of my 3 kids in a matter of seconds. before the moment is over.

here is an example. this morning my kids were all rolling around on the bed while isaac was getting ready for work. we have this big pretty window in our bedroom that lets in lots of light and makes me always want to grab my camera and take pictures.

but because i don't know how to correctly adjust my ISO and my f stop and all that fancy shmancy photography jargon, i miss capturing the most precious and clear shot.

need a quick fix and i dont think there is one.  until then, i'll just keep snapping away and playing with the different settings. and enjoying these blurry memories.



Sherri said...

morgan, it looks like most of your problem is your focus. Like the first focused on the baby, therefore, everything in the background will be blurry.. Try to focus on the farest object or the center of a group you want in the picture. You can focus on the object, then move the camera to where you want it but don't pick up your finger. are you using automatic setting. I don't know if this makes sense or not....I want to take a class also. I do the same thing sometimes when I get in a hurry.!

Linds said...

I agree with Sherri, part of it is what you are focusing on. The other thing would be to just use your creative modes. They allow you to set one setting and then the camera does the rest. Sometimes that's the best way to dip your toes into really starting to change settings (that's how i started out off of automatic before I dove straight into using fully manual). Tv mode generally allows you to set your shutter speed and ISO. Use an ISO under 800 and then set your shutter speed atleast at 150 for wiggly kids. It should work a little better. If it's not exposed enough (too dark) bump your ISO a bit more... just be careful b/c your if your ISO is too high your pics will get grainy.