Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We went to our church Fall Festival a few evenings ago.  

Annette had said she wanted to be a mermaid a few months ago. I worked on that costume for a bit. Then, she decided she'd like to be a bride. Got a veil and white gloves to match her white wedding dress she already has. THEN, the day of this festival, she sees a Dorothy costume I've had since my first grade teaching days. She decides THAT'S who she wants to be. (I think it was less itchy and that's what made up her mind.) I ran to Target to get some red ruby shoes. Put her hair in pigtail braids and she was set. AND she matched her brother as the lion from the Wizard of Oz. Isaac says I had been planning her switch all along, knowing that if I waited til the last minute to show her Dorothy she'd go for it. Making a cute little Oz pair in the nick of time.  Maybe subconsciously, I was hoping for it, but I knew I couldn't count on it :)

 We got to see Nonnie and Doc and Amber and Cruz and lots of other friends.
Yet, it was very hard to keep up with where everyone with the big crowd.

My kids do NOT like having their picture taken. Bribes don't even work.

The Magician was seriously captivating. Kids were in awe.

Then last night, there was a big fun block party on our street. A yearly tradition that our family loves.

Here they are last year on this post. 

YUMMY food truck

Our two attempts at a family picture... 

A group shot of as many kids as we could get in one frame. 

 Once it was dark, we trick-or-treated with the Taylors. My kids actually LOVED the whole process this year. After every doorstop they would run back to us and scream with excitement about their new candy. Last  year, they were a bit too young to really get it. It really was a wonderful night meeting and playing with neighbors while running around our streets in the beautiful fall weather.  Made me so very appreciative to be a momma. 

Thinking about having three kiddos in costumes next year puts a big smile on my face. 
I'll enjoy thinking up a theme all year long :))

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