Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving, Razorbacks, and a Safari

We started out our Thanksgiving celebrations at my mom's house on Thursday noonish. 
Big family gathering (as always) with lots of fun cousins and aunts and uncles.

Charlie spent lots of his time throwing balls, rings, anything he could find, over the fence.

Love this family I've been blessed with.

Excuse Charles' diaper exposure. More proof that I haven't had tons of success with potty training. Mostly to do with my lack of focus :)

We left my mom's and headed to Fayetteville late that afternoon. We had told the kids we'd take them to a game this year, so we held true to our word. It ended up being a great choice.

We met Isaac's sister up there and stayed at Isaac's parent's Fayetteville house for two nights. Very fun.

Our kids loved the big hill to slide down in the 'trough' tailgating area. 

Game was chili, so we were super glad our tickets were in the sun. 

When the band formed a big A on the field pre-game, Annette said, "It's an A like my name!" Then, a few minutes later said, "It's a good thing you named me Annette!". So cute :)

Headed to the square for pizza and the lights after the game. 
What would we do without technology when it's a long wait for pizza???!!!

And the fun didn't end there. We decided last minute to head to Gentry (30 mins or so away from Fay.) to see the Wild Safari thing they have out there. I'll be honest. I had pretty low expectations. I figured we'd see camels, cows, and some chickens. Ends up, IT WAS AMAZING!!! More animals than our zoo for SURE. It was one of my favorite memories with the kids to date. Tigers, bears, lions  (and baby precious lions!!!), chimpanzees, bison, tons of deer and monkeys and TONS of other fun animals... all up so close. 

Reminder to self: Make my kiddos hair cut appointments ASAP. 
Kate, if you're reading this, we can come on Wednesday afternoon :)))

Now, we are looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner at Isaac's folks house tomorrow afternoon. 

BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE this holiday season. 
Oh so thankful.

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