Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leaf collage, open house, and Baby #3

We played outside a LOT yesterday. 
Rode bikes, made leaf soup, and enjoyed the pretty fall weather.
The kids liked making these leaf collages and so did I.

Charlie's was a bit more abstract than Annette's butterfly and caterpillar.
And check out my deer.... very professional looking ;)

We are leaning towards Forest Park for Annette for next school year. She would be in their pre-K4 classroom. We saw many friends and had a fun night meeting teachers and seeing classrooms.
Annette was ready to start school there the next day. I had to explain that we'd have to wait until August AND that she wouldn't be in our neighbor Maggie or Gabriella's classroom. She didn't like that news.

And here is our growing baby. He kept his hand and umbilical cord in front of his face for the whole ultrasound, but we can still make out his cute little features. He looks very similar to his older brother as far as we can tell. I get really really excited when I look at these pictures..... know it won't be long before I can take a real picture of him.

My doctor and the ultrasound tech think he is about 5 lbs already. That's bigger than my other two were at this stage. I don't really bank too much on predicted weights though.... A and C both measured bigger than they actually were. (6.9 and 7.6 lbs)

I'm hoping this baby will make his arrival around December the 18th. Being home with him before Christmas would be an amazing gift. But we will of course just have to wait and see if he's ready to come around then.....

And until then, praying for a smooth, and healthy next several weeks.


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