Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Turkey

We ate a late Thanksgiving dinner with Isaac's family on Sunday evening. With Isaac's two sisters  (and Dad) working/saving lives/birthing babies/caring for the sick at UAMS they have some pretty atypical schedules... and both sisters were working on Thanksgiving this year. It made sense to celebrate a few days late. It was actually really nice. We were able to savor the season a bit longer and anticipate a gourmet meal for even longer than usual :)

Annette helped with pies, Aunt Rachel the green bean bundles and corn souffle. 

ONE of the three delicious turkeys Nonnie served. 

Charles is obsessed with the dogs.
And Cruz : )

Annette in ruffle pants... rarely happens anymore, yet it's one of my favorite little joys :)

Below, she is sitting on a very special little bench at a very special round table which were carefully and thoughtfully made by Nonnie's brother. The kids love, love sitting here for family gatherings. What wonderful, beautiful, functional heirlooms.

We missed Isaac's older 2 brothers who weren't in town this year. Amber and Isaac's parents visited the youngest brother, Jordan, at Greenhurst last week. Six siblings are a lot to get in one place at one time!

The cherry on top of celebrating Thanksgiving -- we celebrated Amber and Nonnie's November birthdays too!
 Two special ladies that we love very very much. <3 <3

 Oh the pies!!! Connie's pies are the BEST. 
Homemade down to their delicious crust. Chocolate, pumpkin, pecan, apple. I ate some of all of them....  worth the overly OVER stuffed feeling.

We made a little keepsake book for Nonnie using the grandkid's artwork and some photos. Fun looking through it with the family. 

Thankful, thankful.
 For the wonderful food, conversation, and memories made with Isaac's family this year.


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