Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keepsakes: Annette Nette Bo Bette

We've hit a smattering of milestones this past month or so. Stuff that makes my first baby not so much a baby anymore.

I can't stop noticing ALL the ways Annette is physically and mentally growing right before my very eyes. I thought I'd focus on her for this post, and devote one to Charlie next week.

Besides the biggest milestone we've hit this summer (becoming potty trained- woohoo!) Annette has also hit some other biggies:

Big girl bed.
There was no way I had the energy while pregnant with Charlie to train a newly 1 year old to sleep in a bed. NOr did I really think Annette was ready at such a young age to make the switch. So, we have had two cribs for 2 1/2 years. I have become so used to it, I have dreaded this milestone. A bunch of dreading for nothing! She was so excited to get a bed, she actually WANTED to get in it. And she stayed in it. And hasn't tried to leave it.....yet:)

I'll have to take a picture of her big girl bed once I get the head board set up and make the bed all pretty. It's about #3 on my long list of to-do's. But, in classic Morgan Style, I just worked with what I had around the house already. That's an old quilt I've had since college. It is very well loved and super cozy. The mattress pad is really our old queen one, tucked in around the corners to fit her twin. And we took a family outing to Target to get some sheets the night of the switch. Not fancy or thought out, but very functional.

Hair cut.
Charlie has had three already. But Annette. Not until last week. Yes, yes, I cut off a little turtle tail/mullet thing when she was about 14 months. But she just got her first real haircut in the salon this past week. She. Ate. it. Up.

Charlie got his hair cut too. And ran around with his sucker fingers getting tables and armrests nice and sticky while it was sister's turn.

Love my Annette.

Besideds being a big talker herself, she has been able to figure out what Isaac and I are saying in our spell talk lately. For example, we are trying to limit pacifier use to nap and bedtime. So, I used to could ask Isaac 'where is a p-a-c-i for charlie?' and not have Annette know what we were talking about. Spell-talk. Well now, she has started spelling back to us. A couple days ago she said, "can I have a p-a-s-i?' I almost flipped. She even traded the s for a c. Interesting. As a teacher I'm ecstatic. She also spells 'mom' now too. And I'm getting all giddy just thinking about my next playtime with her!! We have been doing play-do letters lately and she enjoys physically forming the letters with me to construct words. We use cookie cutters sometimes and form the letters from long 'snakes' of dough. Anyway I can, I like to sneak in some pre-reading skills.

Annette has always been very strong, but recently she has figured out how to pick up Charlie. This was cute the first 5 times and then it turned into a Time-Out waiting to happen. She chases him, squeezes him around the belly, and attempts to haul him a few steps and then drops him. He is only about 6 lbs lighter than her. It's hilarious, ridiculous, and dangerous all at the same time... And all at Charlie's expense. Sorry Charles. She has been warned not to try picking you up again. I look forward to the day when you outweigh her and can easily protect yourself. Or get her back. : )

Luckily with all this growth, there are still some babyish things left to hang on to. She still loves her paci. Listening at her door, I can still tell by the sound of her suck whether she has fallen asleep yet in that new big girl bed. She also still asks to be rocked for one or two songs at night. And she still has the softest baby hair and smoothest baby skin.

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