Sunday, June 5, 2011

My number one mommy tool

I have a lot of favorite 'mom tools'. My iPhone and dish washer included. My kroger card and double stroller would make the top 10 for me too.

But for the last year, I have developed a pretty serious relationship with my......

Dust buster. Easier and faster than a broom or vacuum. A huge plus since I need to clean up messes about 13 times a day. And not just dust. It should be called a cheerio, cheeto, paper scrap, French fry, corn, goldfish...buster at my house. I love it. It takes up just an itty bitty spot on my washer. Even better: Annette can use it by herself now. And Charlie almost can. I am going to croak the day Mr. Buster has had enough with sucking up our messes and calls it quits. I have tried to find another just like it just in case... You buy as my back up. But, I cannot find it. It was a wedding gift over 4 years ago (maybe the best gift since it's used so often) and it is way more powerful than any other I've tried. So, because of several recent messes, I am dedicating this post to my Black and Decker Dust Buster 7.2 v.

Our floor on a pretty good day.

Our floor on a more 'interesting' day when Charlie discovered an opened bag of goldfish.

My favorite solution. My good pal.
Dust buster luster.

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