Monday, June 20, 2011

technical difficulties x3

I've had technology issues the last couple weeks.  As if the ruined iPhone Annette threw in the deep end of our pool last summer didn't teach me, i have now surely learned that ....

children + Expensive Tech Products + MEEE = An Accident Just Waiting To Happen

First off, the iphone charger in my car does not fit while my otter box is on my phone. So, the other day, I took my otter box off to charge my phone. Forgot to put it back in its case for about 5 minutes. Dropped it face down onto cement.  Picked it up.... my stomach jumped.... cracks all over glass. Felt like a pathetic puppy dog who had done something wrong on accident. Called Isaac to vent my sadness and madness at myself. Put the crackeling phone back in my otter box and am AMAZED that it is still functioning at about 95% to this day. (about 2 weeks later)  Sort of happy ending: I think I will be able to hold off on getting/needing a new one until my contract runs up in a few months. Then, hopefully I'll be able to get a new one for just 50 bucks. Here's to hoping it will hold out on me! Because, honestly, I've grown so attached. I love the convenience of being able to bank, browse, shop (for very important things:), read blogs, facebook, take instant photos, and communicate... all while at the indoor playground supervising my two children.
It makes me feel more connected to the adult world while I'm with little friends most of my day. Worth every (thousands of) penny:)

Secondly, I picked up Charlie to take him to change his diaper. I didn't realize the cup he was holding had some water in it. Somehow, the contents of that cup landed on my opened laptop computer. Splashing in and out of all the keys on my keyboard. I turned it over, tried to dry it with paper towels, and made myself get over it. A couple hours later, the computer would not work. On, but not responsive to any commands I gave it. I turned it off. Waited til the next day. It came on. The mouse worked. I was ecstatic!!! Then, I started typing. The backspace button doesn't work. The t and h and g buttons do not work. You would be surprised with how many words contain those letters. The shift button works half of the time. Anyways, I have to go get it fixed now. I guess I will call the DELL people we bought it from, or go see the Geek Squad. But until then, I have been using it some. To print and load pictures. Things that do not require much typing. BUT, I have had to type a few things and fill out a few forms online using it. HILARIOUS. Example:
My password to almost everything includes a T. So, I have to copy and past the letter T from another word document to enter my password. To type in my name, I have to copy and paste a G from some other word I find online on in a doc.  To backspace, I have to highlight and use the delete button. Let me tell you.... It makes me appreciate a fully working keyboard like the one I have on my CRACKED iPhone.

THIRDLY, my nice camera is making a funny 'stuck' sound when I try to take pictures. Nothing, thankfully, thankfully, has been spilled on it. And it has not been dropped. I'm thinking it is something minor. Hopefully. Anyways, I am stuck using just my iphone and old digital camera to take pictures of life's most fun moments.

 I bet you are all feeling sorry for me, now ; ) Well, No, DON'T.  Laugh with me about it:) Because regardless of all these things being a bit messed up, I don't feel one bit less happy. Luckily, I am used to things being hurt, dropped, ruined, stained. I'd rather just expect it, than get upset by it.  BUT... I will be super grateful if even one of these tech toys starts working to their full potential again sometime soon:)

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