Saturday, December 20, 2014

Set is 2

This boy loves to tumble. We take tumble on Fridays, so I just had a lil party for him right there.

I totally drove thru the Baskin Robbins near our house and bought an ice cream cake. Didn't even go in the store to pick one out. 
As a mom carting 1-4 kids all the time, I have a serious love of drive thru places. 

We did, however, have elephant cookies homemade with love from Nonnie.

Annette was at school. Charlie at his pre-school. Jane Lauren in the front pack. Isaac spent his lunch with us.

Set was my longest baby. Both in length and in time.

I say 'time' because when he arrived, Charlie was close to 3 yrs old. And new baby girl didn't come until Set was almost 2. So, Set was my only 'baby' for 2 years. When Annette and Charlie were babies, I really just remember having two. They came as a pair almost. 14 months and 1 day apart, as I like to say. They weren't twins I realize, but they were babies together.

Set, you are so very special to us. You give us so much JOY. You are protective of your siblings, which I think is funny since you're number 3. You are learning to talk more, but your siblings and I end up doing too much of that for you. You were born in to a family with LOTs of talk and noise. We have loved having you as our baby brother, and you're already making a fine big brother too. We love you love you love you.

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