Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Annette's 6th Birthday: Painted Pig

Decembers are always extra crazy at our house. Two kid birthdays, along with Christmas of course, already make it busy.

And if you throw in my sister's wedding and a newborn--  it might just be the most eventful December ever for us. Thankfully, all very very very happy wonderful events.

To celebrate our {precious} first born, we had the kindergarten girls from Annette's school come join us at the Painted Pig to paint ornaments.

Plus, brother Charlie :)) 
We decided Set might break more ornaments and dishes than we'd want to pay for, so he had fun elsewhere.

The Painted Pig ladies helped make us the sweetest birthday plate.

 Annette was happy as could be, getting to paint/craft and be the 'helper'.

I didn't have a theme or have matching cupcake toppers and favors and outfits.... which is a bit hard for me to swallow.... but it didn't make it any less fun. Thinking I'll probably be back to my normal theme-y self next year, when I've got a bit more free time.

Here is a link to her bday a year ago.... 5th Birthday Fiesta and her 4th Birthday Gingerbread Party
and her 3rd French Birthday   

So much fun celebrating six years with this girl!

Love you, Nettie!

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