Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Corn With a Side of Pumpkins

Took the kids to Bo Brook Farm's Pumpkin Patch today. It could NOT have been more perfect weather. I remember sweating it up last year when we went to the Mayflower patch. We even ran into some of our best buddies on our somewhat impromptu trip out there. 

My kids liked the pigs, goats, and lambs. They liked the pumpkins. They liked the hayride (always my favorite part). But they could not get enough of the corn pit. Yes. A pit full of corn kernels. Maybe this is something that is pretty common, but I had never seen one. They loved it loved it. Cried when I made them leave it to get on the hayride. Then cried again when I made them leave it to head home.

They dove, flipped, rolled, and made it 'rain' corn. I must say, it seemed much better than a big sand box. 


Annette preferred sitting with the lovely Lewis family.

We left with two pumpkins, hay in our hair, and corn in our boots. 
Happy Pumpkin Season :)

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