Monday, October 22, 2012

Tis the Pumpkin Season

Here's what we've been up to the past week....

We carved that little pumpkin together. It was just the right size for us :) My kids did NOT like the pulp. I had to do all the scooping out. 

They seemed to prefer the pumpkin drawing activity rather than the watch-mommy-carve-activity. Luckily for my porch appeal, the marker washed right off :)

We've been quite crafty lately. I've been trying to stick around the house a bit more than usual as I'm in the process of potty training Charlie. I'd really like to just have one in diapers come December. We tried the training a few months ago without much success. So far, he seems to fall in line with what other moms have told me... boys take a bit longer to train than girls. He's been more successful this go 'round so I'm cautiously optimistic that we are on to something lasting this time. He is in a diaper in the picture below, but typically he is running around naked as a jay bird.  The nude method worked really well for Annette. Glad we have all tile and hard woods in our house. Makes it a lot easier to clean up accidents. 

I will have glitter in my grout for years to come after this messy fun.

We painted some Jack-o-lanterns the other day. I love the way these turned out.

I love mixing colors with them. It's one of my fave art activities. 

Isaac built a perfect little fire in our chiminea the other night. We had so much fun roasting hot dogs and smores in our own backyard. 

We headed to a friend's pumpkin patch cowboy themed party this weekend. Perfect weather and setting.

Charlie is super into riding toys lately. He can do his strider bike like a pro now (the kind of bike that has no pedals) and he's also figured out how to go pretty fast with pedals too. Both are important gross motor skills in my opinion.

Below you see Charlie pointing a gun, fake of course, at the birthday boy himself. Cute little cowboy.

This is a shout out to Aunt Martha pictured above. Did I really just use that term? Shout out. Reminds me of listening to the radio at my friend's lake house in the 7th grade. Anyways, we love you Martha :) 

Last Thursday night, we had another type of party. Out at P. Allen Smith's farm house, Isaac and I sat with friends raising support for a cause.
For the last two years, I've had fun helping out on a committee raising funds supporting my OB doctor, Dr. Wendel, and the UAMS maternal fetal medicine endowment. 

The farm is gorgeous. Would love to renew my wedding vows to Ike out here one day ;)

Dr. Wendel, his wife, and a bunch of us volunteers helped set up for the event. 

The event was actually postponed to the following evening due to some scary weather forecasts. We were worried it would really affect the turnout, but luckily we still had a great crowd the next night. 

The million dollar goal was finally reached the night of the event. Woo-hoo!!

It was really special sitting with lots of other gals who've also been blessed by Dr. Wendel's expertise and the UAMS program. 

Can't wait til he delivers our third in just 8 weeks or so... Well, that's if this baby comes when I am predicting he will. I'm so so excited to meet him!!!

- morgan

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Lauren said...

Only 8 more weeks?!?! Where did the time go?? Can't wait to see pics of your new little one. You and your hubs sure make cute ones!