Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Favorite Books for 2 year olds

Before I had my own kids, I'd just have used my best teacher-educated guess for which books would best suit a two year old.

They would have been pretty good choices, but now that I've had two very active 2 year olds of my own (my son currently in this range), I think I've got an even better list of go-to books for this age group.

Like I mentioned in the 1 year old book post, these books are also great for 3 and 4 and 5 year olds that aren't used to sitting still for a book. These are good attention grabbers and ones that will help build their listening perseverance/stamina.

Charlie is 2.5 and these are his current faves. It's amazing how his stamina has increased in the last 6 months.

1. Goodnight Gorilla is a fun read. This one is great for starting conversations about books. Charlie and I talk about the naughty monkey and all the colored keys. Whose eyes are those in the dark? Questions like that promote inferring and predicting strategies from even this early early reading stage. 

2. Go Dogs Go This one was one of my favorites when I was little. For many years. Annette (3.5) never tires of this one either. It's filled with opposites, prepositional words (under, over), and all kinds of other language perks.

3. Curious George (short) books. Some of the CG books are on the long side, so I stick to the short ones such as The Bunny one and the Opposites one.

4. The Farm Book at only 3.99 on Amazon, that's hard to beat! This is an oldie but a goodie. My kids choose this book over and over again.

5. What do we do with the Boo-Hoo Baby? This is a newer book that is SUCH a hit with little kids. Several farm animals try to figure out how to get a baby to stop crying. Genius idea to keep kids attention.

6. Wacky Wednesday  This one is probably better suited for older 2's. Charlie loves trying to find the shoes on the wall and all over the pages. Annette has a lot of this book memorized she's heard it so many times.

7. It Could Still be a Fish It's a bit more difficult to find non-fiction books for itty bitties that use real photographs. Ones that will keep their attention and aren't too wordy. But this one fits that bill perfectly.

What Makes a Rainbow?: A Magic Ribbon Book (Novelty Book Series)
8. What Makes a Rainbow? This is that cool ribbon book that you may have seen before. It's GREAT for teaching colors.

9. Where is the Green Sheep?  by Mem Fox. I actually had the privilege of meeting this author at a teacher's conference and heard her read this book aloud. She gave lots of tips on how to engage kids during a read aloud....things like change up your pace, take sudden pauses, etc.    Great author and great book for teaching opposites and descriptive words to toddlers.

10. David Smells by David Shannon. Some of the other David Shannon books, like No, David! show some pretty unappealing behavior, like picking your nose. I haven't read that one to Charlie because I didn't want to give him any new ideas on how to get in trouble:) David Smells is one of the more 'innocent' ones in this series. I save the more bad behaving ones for older kids who think books are boring.

There are so many, many other great ones!!! Hard to narrow our faves down to just 10.

It will be even harder to choose my 3 year old book recommendations. By 3, they can really listen for a while :))

Any other books your 2 year olds love? 

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