Monday, October 8, 2012

Smith Family Wedunion

Fun wedding + Lots of extended Smith family= Smith Wedunion

Thanks to Isaac's parents, we were able to fly (along with the rest of the fam) to Charlotte, NC for a cousin wedding.

This was the first time we had taken both kids on an airplane. The 1 hour and 45 minute ride wasn't the easiest or the hardest. The kids were pretty good. I got a bit uncomfortable trying to entertain.... my belly isn't that great for bending down and getting dropped items in a small airplane seat, or reaching for new toys, or even for holding the kids in my lap when they wanted to, but we made it work. Really wished we'd had an iPad for the plane trip. That sounds pretty spoiled, but I really did wish for one when my kids were tired of the stickers, books, and crayons. No meltdowns or embarrassing fits though, so I'm grateful for that.

The wedding was gorgeous with an old timey spin, which is right up my old fashioned alley. Mason jars and burlap, lace and a barn.... it was beautiful.

These cute boys sandwiched between my two are Isaac's older brother's kids. 

Our other nephew, Cruz, got in there for the next picture. 

5 out of 6 of the Smith kids. We missed you, Jordan :)

Belly shots are not my thing, obviously. 

While the kids ran circles around the dance floor, us adults got a chance to talk and enjoy the crisp fall weather in the pretty barn. 

It was a real blessing to spend a couple of days with Isaac's extended family, especially his sweet Grandmother Ida-- a treat since we don't get that chance very often. Plus, I'm a sucker for stories and family history. So learning more about Isaac's aunts, uncles, etc. was sentimental gold to me.
I look forward to passing down some of the new stories I learned this weekend to my own offspring.

While in NC, we also got to see some of our best pals that we've been missing. We met at Ikea.... Not a bad place for a rendezvous. It was my first time to go and MAN it was fun.You better believe I bought as much as I thought/hoped would fit into our luggage. Thankfully with a bit of strategic arranging and rearranging and rolling and stuffing I got 4 new baskets, an art hanging deal, a tea set, some cookie cutters, and a couple other littles all stuffed into our suitcases with all our other belongings.

Lunch at Chili's

At the hotel we made lots of memories. Those bed-jumping kind of memories that I have from my own extended family trips. We ate breakfast with the big group of relatives on the bottom floor of the hotel each morning, we swam in the indoor pool, played charades, and let the kids run wildly through the hallways and of course there was some bed jumping. Good times. 

Love this sleepy head in the morning :)

Getting the 'time to calm down' talk before heading back to our rooms.

One last picture that kind of sums up the weekend....

There is Grandmother Ida Smith sitting in the front on the dance floor, and all of those around her are her descendants. Not all were present of course, but quite a few were able to make it. Pretty cool legacy. Having 9 kids can create one big family :)

Twas a wonderful Smith Wedunion. 

~morgan SMITH

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Boonies in the Boonies said...

Such a fun weekend, and I'm cracking up that you were able to tote so many Ikea goodies back to Arkansas!