Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lake Tahoe

Isaac and I got to celebrate a friends bday on the slopes in Lake Tahoe. With the help of family taking care of our littles back at home. Huge Huge treat.

Looking back at these pics from just a couple of weeks ago has me missing this place already. And I'm a beach person! But the mountains were so incredibly beautiful.

Isaac is basically a pro and I'm a beginner. I've only been snowboarding like three times ever, but i enjoyed it more this time. I finally learned to use my heel and toe edges in sequence. 

We walked out our back door to this run. Which landed at the gondola. Super fun and convenient. My favorite run! Ha! Mostly bc we had it basically to ourselves. Although One day we had lots of snow and my board and I got stuck in waist deep snow. Took me awhile to get back on to the main run. 

Asian bowl at one of the restaurants on the mountain, Zephyr 

Happy birth day shannon!!

Hope We get to go back one day

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