Thursday, December 17, 2015

Annette turns 7 and Set turns 3.

She is such a big girl now. Know I'll say that every year, but it seems to be picking up speed. 

We celebrated at the racquet club indoor pool and in the grill afterwards. 

Isaac was a 'watch dog dad' on Annette's actual birthday. He even went on a field trip to the Clinton library with the class. 

Seven has been a great age so far. She is reading and writing non stop, loving dance and art class, and becoming such a helpful big sister. 

Set turned 3 just 10 days later. 
We had our family come over to celebrate. And had a bounce house brought to the back yard, since they're his favorite. 

Set, you loved having a low key party. You ate all the blue icing off your cupcakes. You have learned so very much this year. You are talking so well now and have learned to be gentle with your friends. 

Happy birthday number 1 and 3!! 

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