Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jane Lauren: 9 and 10 months and finally in her nursery

My baby girl will be 10 months on Monday. Scarily close to a year.

((Had to get this post in before we get back from DISNEY and have tons of those pics to post! Yep, we are taking the older two kids to Disney World. We leave tomorrow! Thanks, mom and dad, for keeping the two littles :)))

Jane Lauren and I had the house to ourselves the other day (heavenly) and I snapped a million pictures of her in her nursery.... trying to capture every ounce of her as this precious baby.

this little room is tiny, but i think tiny rooms are pretty fun. finally, the last couple months, she has slept in here. 

all four babies have been rocked in that glider. i talked about switching it out for something smaller and more 'on trend', but isaac was even sentimental about it. lots of sweet memories in that chair.

She is crawling so well, pulling up on everything, but not cruising yet. 21 lbs. Babble lots. Clap. Loves to feed herself with her chubby fingers. Loves puffs and grapes and cherry tomatoes most. And will eat anything else we give her.  She has been sleeping through the night almost every night for the last couple months. Thankful for that!

She is such a GIFT. A present that I could never deserve. Thank you, GOD, for creating her life and letting me share in it.

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thadks said...

Sentimental furniture....mmmmm sounds familiar...