Monday, August 17, 2015

first day of school 2015: Kindergarten and 1st

Both at Forest Park!!

I woke them both up a little before 7am. They both hopped up happy and so ready to go.
 (That won't last long.)

We were worried about Charlie having a hard first few days, because he usually doesn't like being in unfamiliar places without us close by. Been praying about it for awhile. AND HE DID SO WELL! Hopped right down the hallway and entered the room without any help from us. So brave. And we are so thankful.

She lost another  bottom tooth a few days ago. Her two top ones are loose now.


I'll say this every year, I'm sure, but I really really want to stay at the school with them. I want to chant the poems in unison,  have calendar time, go to the library and PE, have art, play with friends at recess... the whole deal.

i'll be thinking about them all day :)))

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