Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Little Piece of My Heart Now...


Dropped Baby Set off for his first day of Mother's Day Out. This was a first for him and to me it felt like I was letting a little piece of my heart go for the day. I guess I am. Isn't that what the saying says... Being a mom is like having your heart walking around outside your body... or something like that?

He is going to Trinity Methodist which is pretty close to our house and is across the street from St. Mark's Episcopal where Charlie will start next week. That's right. We have three different drop offs on the two days he goes to MDO, and I'm ok with that. Thankfully, most days Isaac takes Annette to school on his way to work. Another perk of being less than a mile away from her school.

Set pouted a bit (meaning he crosses his arm and sticks out that lip real big). And tried to escape at first. But then he started playing with toys and quickly forgot to stay mad.

Big brother enjoyed sending him off to school. He kept saying "I bet he's going to cry when we leave." And "I bet he's going to hit."     Oh, big brothers. Let's hope not.

20 months old. Saying about 20 words now. NO being his favorite right now.

I'll be very ready to pick up this little piece of my heart this afternoon.
 I'm wondering if he will take the paci that I packed for nap time, since I couldn't find his ultra favorite green one. I wonder if he will lay down on a mat at all to fall asleep. I wonder if he will eat his lunch or scream because he wants somebody else's. I pray he doesn't hit when he gets frustrated. Or push. Or say NO all day long.
He does well in the church nursery each week, so I'm banking on that and praying that he has lots of fun with new toys and new friends.
Lord, help us both :)

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