Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Countdown to Kindergarten, Preschool, Mother's Day Out, the end of summer vacation....

We've been filling our last weeks of summer break with lots of fun, the unrushed kind. 
Borrowed this idea from a friend, to make a Kindergarten countdown chain for Annette. 

We've had pool time with cousins and friends,

used our creative juices,

Biked with friends, 

Even the flowers that surround our back patio, I'm soaking up. 

A golf cart date,

Snacks on the patio, 

Set stuffs banana in his mouth, Annette loses her first tooth,

My favorite zoo trip to date,

Set on the train, ha! He loved it. 

Playing ball whe dad gets home, 

My expanding belly, 

Play dough cakes


Mr. Drool Face Set will start his first year of Mother's Day Out this year. Two days a week. I'm sure he will cry and break my heart those first several drop offs, but I know with a new baby coming in a few months I'll really appreciate the help. I know he will love the play times with friends and I look forward to the new things he will learn.

My sweet Charles got his four year old shots today. BOOO! It is so hard to hold his little hands down and see his eyes so scared and sad. Luckily it is for only a few seconds and it was over so quickly. We went to Chuck E Cheese afterwards for a big boy treat.

And my first born is starting KINDERGARTEN in 13 days! It helps that she started PreK at the same school last year. Not as scary of a step since we already know and love the school. But still... Knowing she will get real letter grades and have homework and be expected to behave like a big girl for much of the day makes it a big milestone.

 She is ready. Very ready. Although she is so smiley with excitement, she says she wishes she could do PreK4 again so she could have more recess. She knows the Kinder kids only get one recess a day. (Which truly is silly.) Yet, I know she will THRIVE in her classroom setting. She loves to learn in an organized way and I cannot wait to watch her reading skills blow up. She is a great little reader already for her age, reading lots of books we have at home that I know are on K level. I could brag on her for days :)

We have our school supplies, new school shoes with some extra room at the toes, uniforms ready, and backpacks monogrammed :) We have practiced our letters, words, numbers, names, phone numbers, and more. We went to the dentist, had our check ups, and now all we've got left on our to do list (I THINK:) is get haircuts, which i'm pretty sure we can handle.

A FULL summer.
And with our remaining chain links, we will do plenty more of the above. 

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