Friday, January 31, 2014

Small smatterings: January

We have had no birthdays or holidays since last post, just regular fun stuff. December is such a whirlwind for us with two kid birthdays and Christmas. I love it, but It makes a quieter January seem nice. 

Family trip to Chuck E Cheese. Isaac and I still call it Show Biz. 

It never gets old watching the kids when Ike gets home. 

Love our big bath tub

We are loving school even more and more. Here we are about to leave the school to go see Click Clack Moo. 

Thanks, mom and dad, for watching Set so I could sit with Annette's class. Set can not sit still at all these days. 

He keeps us all on our toes. 

Set has (finally!) started sleeping through the entire night. At 13 months. Which isn't that crazy for us. I'm not good at creating easy sleepers, so this is about norm for our babies.  He just all the sudden stopped waking up in the middle of the night. Glad to have my full night of sleep back. Really glad. But a little sad he's not such a baby anymore. I'm kind of in denial that he is a toddler now. 

Monster jams with our big two...

Watching snow fall

Cruz bday at Larry's...

Set is still ball obsessed 

Attempt at a family pic. Guess who did not want to cooperate. 

I said, Annette please get your finger out of your nose. She says, But It's itching! Hard not to laugh. 

Charlie performed with his school TOT team at a UALR game. He was super super cute. I think he was the best dribbler out there :) 
His fans...

Now we are ready for hearts and valentines and hopefully some warmer days. 

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