Monday, January 9, 2012

LowKey is oKie doKie

We have had a fairly low key start to the new year. And that is more than okie dokie with me.

Instead of having our usual schedule full of outings, we have had a lot more 'in'-ings the last week or two.

Proud of herself for writing her name on her new magnadoodle. 

Painting on our back patio. Barefoot. And in whatever clothes that were on top of the piles of laundry covering my floors. I JUST now got caught up on all our laundry since the holidays. And nope, I have not even taken one ornament off of our tree yet. I mean, why complete boring tasks like fold clothes or sort ornaments when there is important painting to be done. : )
 However, I must get that tree down soon. It's my goal for Sunday. There. I put it in writing, so maybe I'll hold myself to it.

She won't take her dancing stuff off for more than a couple of hours. 

Their new favorite outdoor toys. Dollar tree shovels and rakes that were in their stockings. 
It is WONDERFUL watching them become little friends. They can play together without me having to play referee as often (meaning every 2 minutes or so compared to every 2 seconds or so). Can't imagine how nice it will be to have these built-in-playmates a year from now. Hopefully even less refereeing. 

New day. Same tutu.

Making our T book from magazine pictures. 

I see a table.
I see a telephone.
I see a tiara.
I see a tutu.

See more of our homemade books towards the bottom of this earlier post. She learns so much while making them.

Poor thing. Annette's makeover victim.

She put eye shadow in Charlie's ear, I later discovered. He didn't even care. He is one SWEET, easy going boy.

Two peas in a pod.

Or two peas in a box....

L. O. V. E. 


Carol said...

SO cute.

Lauren said...

I love this post! It makes me so excited to do fun activities with Eliot.

the osbornes said...


The Bells said...

HaHa! A is like the celebrities that wear the same clothes over and over so that the paparazzi won't take their pictures! Wise beyond her years...