Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 savorings

The last few Christmas' have been a whirlwind.  In 2009, Annette was 12 months old and I was 9 weeks away from having baby #2. My little sister was in crazy, crazy pain. So much pain that we met at the ER late that Christmas night to find out she had leukemia. Hard moment to say the least.

In 2010, PRAISE the LORD!, we had much to celebrate with two healthy babes and my sister being in remission. Even with all the blessings of last year, when I reflect and look at those photos, I remember feeling happy yet worn out. Tired from carrying two kids at once much of the day, hundreds of sleepless nights, double diaper duty, nursing, rocking, and all of those mommy jobs that made for a serious survival-mode phase.

All that to say, this Christmas in 2011, has been even more savored. I have been more capable of reflecting, enjoying, and just being. Ahhh, to just be. I'm thankful for the non-eventful Christmas we had this year. I loved that Annette and Charlie are at such a fun age with all the Christmas traditions and joy. I am so hugely thankful for the health of my sister and the rest of our family. Thankful to celebrate the reason for the season... that a baby was born so many years ago to save me. That baby Jesus that brings me the only true joy and the only true comfort in all times and phases of life.

Here are some of the savored moments from this Christmas.

Christmas Eve Eve ice cream fun

Charlie only likes the sprinkles. He is seriously silly.

Christmas Eve at my parent's house, celebrating with my Dad's side of the family.

To get ready for Christmas morning, Isaac and I watched Love Actually and built/wrapped gifts, which has become a fun little tradition for us.

I bet you can't tell which ones he wrapped.

The train table has been a hit already. As was the remote control car. Although, Isaac played with that thing more than Charlie did.

A new tutu and make up in a caboodle (thanks, MK, for the idea:) were annette's faves.

We went to my mom's house around noon and celebrated the day with her side of the family. The kids got two really fun motorized vehicles. SO fun! Thanks, Granny and Grandad : ) The following pictures refused to be turned clockwise. Any tips on rotating pics are more than welcome!!

She refuses to smile while taking a picture with me. But, I will refuse to let it stop me from trying.

'Aunt Kay Kay', my mom's sister was the aunt everyone wanted to go to when we were little. Now, my sister, Lauren Kay, has followed in her footsteps.

On the 26th, we celebrated with Isaac's side of the family.

Doc played "step school" with the grandkids. Doc hides an object in one of his hands and the kids get to move up a step if they guess the correct hand. He did this with Isaac and his siblings when they were young, so it was neat to see the tradition continue.

It was a wonderful Christmas holiday with our family. So much to savor. : )

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